Vickers Medium Machine Gun

The .303 Vickers MMG was used extensively by the RAF Regiment and its forebears in the Armoured Car Companies and Ground Gunner Defence Squadrons.

Vickers medium machine gun in a sand-bagged diorama
The Vickers MMG on display in the Heritage Centre.

The Vickers Medium Machine Gun saw continuous use from the 1920’s until the mid-1960’s with the men of the Aden Protectorate Levies on the Aden – Yemen border in the Radfan area.

In Burma until mid-1944, only machine guns were available to RAF Regiment Anti-Aircraft (AA) Flights for the air defence of RAF Forward Airfields. Similarly until May / June 1944, the Field Squadrons had not been issued with the ubiquitous 3-inch mortar so the Support Flights of these Squadrons used the Vickers.

The gun’s unrivalled reliability was greatly valued by the crews, as was its ability to deliver observed shoots onto reverse slopes in jungle terrain. The weapon gave great service in the Arakan Peninsula and the defence of the main admin box and airfieds at Imphal.