Bofors 40mm L40/70 anti-aircraft gun

Bofors 40mm L40/70

More complex and more effective than the 40/60 which saw distinguished service in WW2, the 40/70 served the Regiment well in many parts of the world from 1957 until 1978 and the introduction of the Rapier missile system.

Tigercat short-range anti-aircraft missile

Tigercat Short Range Anti Aircraft Missile

The Shorts Tigercat is the land use Variant of the popular and widely used Shorts Seacat anti aircraft missile, developed and manufactured by Short Brothers, Harland and Marconi. It saw service between 1961 and 1980.

Map of Sicily for Operation Husky

Sicily and Italy – The Hard Slog

Operation Husky: With the North African shore cleared, the whole of the Southern Europe landscape was open to the Allies for invasion. The decision was taken to take one of the Axis powers out of the coalition facing us – Italy.┬áThe traditional route of invasion through Sicily was chosen partly because of the airfields it would yield to support the main effort on mainland Italy later.

Calliope Jane

Calliope Jane

Caliope Jane, a 40mm Bofors and her crew from 2926 LAA Squadron initially began operations in Palestine and journeyed with the Desert Air Force until the eventual defeat of the Axis Forces at Tunis.

Vickers medium machine gun

Vickers MMG

The .303 Vickers MMG was used extensively by the RAF Regiment and its forebears in the Armoured Car Companies and Ground Gunner Defence Squadrons.