ML 3-inch Mortar

This weapon served the British Army and Commonwealth personnel with the capability to lob explosive projectiles against enemy emplacements and troop concentrations.

ML 3-inch mortar
The ML 3-inch Mortar on display in the Heritage Centre.

Initial versions of the ML 3-inch mortar lacked the range of her wartime contemporaries but, as the war progressed, there was little that this mortar system could not do, becoming the standardised British infantry mortar weapon until the 1960s.

The weapon required at least three personnel – each charged with transporting one of the major pieces into combat. A more portable form was also developed for use by paratroop elements and some were dedicated for use in the tropic and mountainous environments in the Far East where the British and Commonwealth Forces tangled with elements of the Japanese Empire.

The British weapon sported an operational weight of 112lbs and fired a 10-pound projectile with a muzzle velocity of 1.98m/s (650ft/s).