Corporal George Henry Wingate MM

Operation MANNA was the introduction of British forces into Athens, with the strategic intention of re-establishing the Greek Government. On 19 Oct 1944 “Pompforce” was under command of Lieutenant Colonel Jellicoe. No 2903 Squadron RAF Regiment along with Corporal Wingate contributed one troop of Otter Armoured Fighting Vehicles, two 3-tonners, two 6-pounders and one 3-inch mortar to that force.

Corporal George Wingate, RAF Regiment
Corporal George Wingate, recipient of the Military Medal.

Later that month allied paratroops captured Pophelas on 27 October northwest of Kozani, 2903 Squadron weapons successfully supported this attack. There then followed a strong German counter attack, driving our forces back. During a recce of enemy positions on 28 Oct Flying Officer Dennis was killed commanding his Otter AFV and his driver Corporal Wingate was wounded in his right side by 37mm cannon fire from close range.

His subsequent award of the Military Medal was announced in the London Gazette 12 June 1945.

1303113 Corporal George Henry Wingate showed daring and coolness under extremely trying conditions in the face of the enemy, whilst operating North of Kozani. Despite his injuries he showed great coolness and courage in his determination to bring his badly damaged vehicle “Merlin” back in spite of extremely heavy enemy fire.

London Gazette
George Wingate in the cupola of the Otter AFV, Kittyhawk
George Wingate in Otter AFV, Kittyhawk in Athens 1945.

George Wingate enlisted in the RAF as a Ground Gunner in July 1940. He joined 2908 Field Squadron in July 1943. He was made temporary Sergeant in April 1945, serving with 2908 Squadron for the remainder of the war. He was demobbed in July 1946.